Works in Progress

We are busy, so very busy, but we know that you want to see what we are working on so this WIP page will showcase some of our efforts as we work to finish “Make Zombies Great Again”.

It’s been awhile since we upload any WIPs or gave an update as to the status of Make Zombies Great
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Jar of Nails
One of the more time consuming parts of putting the scenes together in Make Zombies Great Again is making sure
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Upgrading the Forklift
As we continue forward we are updating and improving more and more assets. This time it was the forklift from
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Adding our touch to Remington 700
Many game studios purchase 3D Assets to try and help speed the development along, and Digital Dog Games is no
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Making Butches Hat
If you didn’t notice in our “Character Intro” video, Butches hat is actually an asset purchased from the Unity Store
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