Upgrading the Forklift

Published by Jason Curry on

As we continue forward we are updating and improving more and more assets. This time it was the forklift fromĀ https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/extreme-vehicle-pack-8344/

It’s a decent enough asset with lots of variety, but many are low poly and low resolutions on the textures. Also, it seems the creator may have abandoned this project as the last update was January 6, 2016. Which is a shame because with just a little TLC this can be a really great pack.

The first asset in this pack that we are tackling is the forklift.

Pull the FBX file into blender and start chapping away. For this model we only replaced the wheels, steering wheel and fuel tank.

As you can tell those small changes made some big improvements to the model.

Once the modeling work was done, the FBX was brought into substance painter so we could being painting the forklift. The main body was painted with 4k textures, while the smaller items (like the tires, fuel tank, etc) were painted with 1k textures for better performance. We probably could have gotten away with 2k textures on the main body, but she just looks too good to lower her detail anymore.

Once the model was imported into Unity we did notice some additional issues with the mesh that will get fixed later. We are still cranking along and getting all the little things tied up for our public demo of “Make Zombies Great Again”, so stay tuned.

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