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It’s been awhile since we upload any WIPs or gave an update as to the status of Make Zombies Great Again.

We are still ironing out a few bugs in the core combat system that are causing the some zombies to lose sight of Butch when they get too close.

The story is coming along. We may be releasing a cutscene for your viewing pleasure in the near future.

And finally we are working hard to populate the game with many more zombies than the game currently has. When we launched our kick starter campaign we had 16 zombies (most purchased assets), we have already double that number of our own zombies created in house just for Make Zombies Great Again. The final goal is 50 male and 50 female zombies, that should give just enough variety that it will not feel .. well, we don’t want you to get … I just can’t pull myself to say the “B” word and talk about this amazing game at the same time! Here is Eddie, our construction boss.

Eddie is much larger in size (height and width) than most of our zombies, so he needs some extra work for the animations and that will take him much longer to create. We are seriously looking forward to implementing him into the game, so stay tuned!


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