Adding our touch to Remington 700

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Many game studios purchase 3D Assets to try and help speed the development along, and Digital Dog Games is no different. Many times we find an asset that can be extremely useful but needs a lot of work to get it to the level that we want it. Pedro’s caravan was on example, the damn hydro electric power plant that you will see on the outskirts of Sierra City is another example. Those assets though looked well enough on their own, and the work done was mostly cosmetic.

However, “Timmy’s pee-shooter” the Remington 700 Bolt-action riffle that Butch will find during the course of the game play, this riffle needed a lot of TLC (still does). This one is still being worked on as the mesh needs a lot of repair and the poly count still needs to be reduced, but as you can see from our pictures below, the extra work we put into it makes all the difference:


Remington 700 Before


Remington 700 After

As you can see the early improvements make a huge difference in the overall quality of this asset and is going to make a great addition to “Make Zombies Great Again” and many other titles in the future, but we still have work to do. Once the mesh is repaired and the animations are done, it will be integrated into Make Zombies Great Again before the free-demo goes live in a few weeks.

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