Officially formed in February 2018 at the onset of the year of the dog, Digital Dog Games, Inc. is a group of like minded gaming enthusiasts, artists, programmers and animators. Digital Dog Games was formed with the desire to bring to life planar story telling through video games, to bring back the joy of gaming without the mandate of micro-transactions.

Our goal is to stay small and produce lower budget games with higher quality stories or relieve some of our older arcade styles of gaming with modern graphics in 3d+ worlds. The technology exists to do great and wonderful things, and it is our humble desire that we can create stories that you will want to relieve over and over. We want you to laugh, cry, be scared and angry. We want you to grow with our characters and experience their lives as if they were your own. We want you to be the hero or villain. We want you to chose how you play, and delivery a story that you enjoy. We want you to have fun!

In loving memory of Reno the Rescue Dog.

Reno the Rescue Dog, August 7 2007 – November 2, 2015

Digital Dog Games, Inc. is a California S Corp, registered with the California Secretary of State.

Digital Dog Games, Inc. is a SDVOSB/DVBE. As a Veteran owned business, Digital Dog Games gives a preference to other veterans when considering applicants for employment. Considerable preference is given to disabled veterans with a letter of rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs indicating their service-connected rating. Digital Dog Games, Inc. is an “at will” employer.

DUNS: 081243638

Cage Code: pending