Jar of Nails

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One of the more time consuming parts of putting the scenes together in Make Zombies Great Again is making sure the small things are there. Forks and spoons in a dinner, shot glasses in a bar, tools in a shop. Little things that might go unnoticed by most games, but make the environment feel “off” if they are not there. Ever play a game and feel like something is wrong? Like you’re in a pool hall with no cue ball. Whats more is we have to get these items right or be forever judged by the internet, and we really do not want MZGA to become “that” kind of meme.

A simple jar full of nails. To make that we of course needed a reference photo so out to the garage for a few snapshots:

With the reference photos in hand, fire up blender and knock out a quick model:

With the model done, import the FBX into substance painter and start working. The picture of just the nails was converted into a texture to be used as a material on the jar using B2M. Several different versions were created using the same image and various scales before the final “nail” material was completed. Painting the jar itself was simple enough as it was 1 mesh, but the entire process still took around 4 hours from beginning to end.

While its not the prettiest Jar of Nails we’ve ever seen, you would feel out of place walking through a garage that had a work bench but did not have a jar of nails on it.


Want this very jar of nails for your own use, personal or commercial? Here it is with our blessing , enjoy: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mPz9rIA17p1nJg8duF5ACs33kgDML1AA

Legal Disclaimer: “Jar of Nails” provided as-is, with no warranty, limited or implied. Digital Dog Games, Inc. grant you full rights to use and distribute as long as you hold harmless Digital Dog Games, it’s owners, employees and shareholders, from any action you cause or cause to be brought on yourself by using the “Jar of Nails”.

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