Making Butches Hat

Published by Jason Curry on

If you didn’t notice in our “Character Intro” video, Butches hat is actually an asset purchased from the Unity Store –¬†

But we felt it was a bit too ‘cartoonie’ for Butch. So, doing what we have done for sooooooooo many other assets, it was time to fire up Blender and Substance Painter and get to fixin’. We made many different variations of the hat shown here:

Before we finally chose the latest hat that Butch is showcasing in our most current video game ad.

This new texture applied to the updated mesh makes it feel much more natural and realistic, and just fits with the game environment so much better than the stock asset did. Not to knock the work that “3D Everything” put into the asset wee purchased to get Butches hat to this point, but the updated texture we made definitely makes a huge difference for our game.

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